Dominic Sandbrook wows the Bristol HA.

Nearly ninety people came to hear Dominic Sandbrook talk about Mrs Thatcher and the Falklands War.

Author and broadcaster Dominic Sandbrook gave a brilliant lecture on the early Thatcher years to the Bristol Branch of the HA last night.  While it poured with rain outside, a packed lecture hall heard a really lively examination of the period from 1979-82 through which some of the audience had lived and others were studying.  The lecture painted a vivid portrait of Britain in the late ‘70’s beginning with how the world viewed Britain (starting with Fawlty Towers). We were taken on a journey through the impact of computers and microwaves to the Falklands War of 1982. Dominic reminded us just how much Mrs Thatcher regarded herself as an outsider in the male, privileged Conservative party of which she was leader. She was a grammar school girl who had studied science and came from a Methodist background.  Younger audience members were clearly shocked at the emphasis on appearance female politicians faced in that era.  We were shown images of men and women from television and the tabloid newspapers. This was the background to 1982. The Falklands War was obviously a turning point. Dominic Sandbrook challenged many of the assumptions about Thatcherism and faced many very informed questions from our audience who as usual had more questions than we had time for!!!

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