We will be sending out the link for our next lecture on either Monday or Tuesday.

We are tightening up our ‘admissions’ procedures as a result of a Zoom bombing issue at our last event.

  1. We will only admit people from the waiting room if they are on our ZOOM LIST. There are currently 144 names on our list which includes 67 Bristol Historical Association members, 53 National HA members from across the country (with a sprinkling of history teachers) and 24 school or college students. The University of Bristol will be sending a list of their students who have signed up for this event.
  2. When you get the link please do not pass it on to anyone else. If they are not on the ZOOM LIST they will not be admitted.
  3. Similarly, it is imperative that people use their FULL NAMES when logging on to Zoom. If you are using someone else’s computer or Zoom check the login name first. If you do not know how to change your Zoom name there is some guidance on the website.
  4. Arrive early. To make it easier for everyone we will be opening the doors at 6.45. We suggest you sign in and go and make a cup of tea.
  5. School and college teachers have been asked to send me the names of students taking part by Friday 19th February. We ask that students put the name of their college or school after their name.
  6. We record our lectures and they usually go on our website a day or two after each event in the FULL PROGRAMME section.

We are really looking forward to Sean Cunningham’s lecture and look forward to ‘seeing you’ next Wednesday.


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