Bristol HA pamphlets

The Bristol Branch of the Historical Association is now able to make accessible over eighty pamphlets which contain about a million words of scholarship on local history. Many are on popular subjects which will be of interest to local historians, sixth formers doing coursework and undergraduate and postgraduate students doing local research. They were written by experts in the field and while more research may have been done since they were published; they are excellent concise introductions to topics.

The Bristol Historical Association pamphlets were produced between 1960 and 2007: our former member, Peter Harris, acting as general editor and publisher.  Academic direction came from the History Department, University of Bristol and, later, the Regional History Centre, UWE.  Most of the contributors were academics or local scholars. Every pamphlet was subject to peer review by academics from the Bristol branch. Given both the quality and quantity of the scholarship in the 120 pamphlets, is with great pleasure that we are now re-publishing them in electronic format to make these histories freely available worldwide. 

The digitization of the pamphlets was undertaken by Dr Evan Jones (University of Bristol) acting for both the Bristol Historical Association and the Bristol Record Society.  If you have any queries about the pamphlets hosted on either website, please contact Dr Jones. 

This digitization initiative is dedicated to Dr Joseph Bettey, formerly of the University of Bristol, for his lifelong commitment to Bristol history and public engagement. 

Note: All the pamphlets have been subject to Optical Character Recognition. This makes it possible to search them, copy text and use screen reading software if visually impaired. Many of the pamphlets were reprinted. The digitized versions found below were taken from the best available copy.

No. Author Title Year
1 Vincent Waite The Bristol Hotwell 1960
2 P. T. Underdown Bristol and Burke 1961
3 Kathleen M. D. Barker The Theatre Royal: The First Seventy Years 1961
4 Eleanor M. Carus Wilson The Merchant Venturers of Bristol in the Fifteenth Century 1962
5 Walter Minchinton The Port of Bristol in the Eighteenth Century 1962
6 Basil Cottle Thomas Chatterton 1963
7 C. M. MacInnes Bristol and the Slave Trade 1963
8 Grahame Farr The Steamship Great Western 1963
9 Ruby J. Saywell Mary Carpenter of Bristol 1964
10 John Cannon The Chartists in Bristol 1965
11 Grahame Farr The Steamship Great Britain 1965
12 C. M. MacInnes Ferdinando Gorges and New England 1965
13 James Sherborne The Port of Bristol in the Middle Ages 1965
14 Kathleen Mary Deborah Barker The Theatre Royal, Bristol: Decline and Rebirth, 1834-1943 1966
15 Herbert Byard The Bristol Madrigal Society 1966
16 Peter T. Marcy Eighteenth Century Views of Bristol and Bristolians 1966
17 Russell Mortimer Early Bristol Quakerism: The Society of Friends in the City, 1654-1700 1967
18 R. A. Buchanan The Industrial Archaeology of Bristol 1967
19 C. M. MacInnes Captain Thomas James and the North West Passage 1967
20 Peter Marshall The Anti-Slave Trade Movement in Bristol 1968
21 David B. Quinn Sebastian Cabot and Bristol Exploration (revised edition, 1997) 1968
22 K. Branigan The Romans in the Bristol Area 1969
23 Leslie V. Grinsell Prehistoric Bristol: The Prehistory of the Lower Bristol Avon 1969
24 M. Q. Smith The Medieval Churches of Bristol 1970
25 Patrick McGrath John Whitson and the Merchant Community of Bristol 1970
26 R. A. Buchanan Nineteenth Century Engineers in the Port of Bristol 1971
27 Grahame E. Farr Bristol Shipbuilding in the Nineteenth Century 1971
28 David Walker Bristol in the Early Middle Ages 1971
29 E. E. Butcher Bristol Corporation of the Poor,1696-1898 1972
30 L.V. Grinsell The Bristol Mint: An Historical Outline 1972
31 K. G. Powell The Marian Martyrs of Bristol 1972
32 David Large and Robert Whitfield The Bristol Trades Council, 1873-1973 1973
33 Kathleen Barker Entertainment in the Nineties 1973
34 Susan Thomas The Bristol Riots 1974
35 David Large and Frances Round Public Health in mid-Victorian Bristol 1974
36 Roderick Walters The Establishment of the Bristol Police Force 1975
37 Peter Marshall Bristol and the Abolition of Slavery: The Politics of Emancipation 1975
38 Jon Press The Merchant Seamen of Bristol, 1745-1789 1976
39 Jean Vanes The Port of Bristol in the Sixteenth Century 1977
40 James W. Sherborne University College, Bristol, 1876-1909 1977
41 Peter Marshall Bristol and the American War of Independence 1977
42 Michael Liversidge The Bristol High Cross 1978
43 Joseph H. Bettey The Rise of a Gentry Family: The Smyth’s of Ashton Court, c. 1500-1642 1978
44 Kathleen Barker Early Music Hall in Bristol 1979
45 Joseph H. Bettey Bristol Parish Churches During the Reformation, c1530-1560 1979
46 M.J.H. Liversidge William Hogarth’s Bristol Altar-Piece 1980
47 Basil Cottle Robert Southey and Bristol 1980
48 Peter G. Lamb Electricity in Bristol 1863-1948 1981
49 Elizabeth Ralph The Streets of Bristol 1981
50 Patrick McGrath Bristol and the Civil War 1981
51 Brian Atkinson Trade Unions in Bristol, c. 1860-1914 1981
52 Jean Vanes Education and Apprenticeship in Sixteenth Century Bristol 1982
53 Charles Tomlinson Isaac Rosenberg of Bristol 1982
54 Daniel Briggs The Bristol Post Office in the Age of Rowland Hill 1837-1864 1983
55 Don Carleton The Prince’s of Park Row 1983
56 C. Bruce Perry The Voluntary Medical Institutions of Bristol 1984
57 Anne Crawford Bristol and the Wine Trade 1984
58 C Bruce Perry The Bristol Medical School 1984
59 James Sherborne William Canynges (1402-1474), Mayor of Bristol and Dean of Westbury College 1985
60 David Richardson The Bristol Slave Traders: A Collective Portrait 1985
61 Roland Mayo The Huguenots in Bristol 1985
62 Geoffrey Channon Bristol and the Promotion of the Great Western Railway 1985
63 A.P. Woolrich Printing in Bristol 1986
64 Kenneth Morgan Country Carriers in the Bristol Region in the Late Nineteenth Century 1986
65 Basil Cottle Joseph Cottle of Bristol 1987
66 Peter Harris Bristol’s ‘Railway Mania’, 1862-1864 1987
67 Harold Nabb The Bristol Gas Industry, 1815-1949 1987
68 Peter G. Cobb The Oxford Movement in Nineteenth Century Bristol 1988
69 Jean Vanes Bristol at the time of the Spanish Armada 1988
70 Rohit Barot Bristol and the Indian Independence Movement 1988
71 Brian Howell The Police in Late Victorian Bristol 1989
72 Charles E. Harvey and Jon Press Sir George White of Bristol, 1854-1916 1989
73 Kathleen Mary Deborah Barker Bristol’s Lost Empires: The Decline and Fall of the Music Hall in Bristol 1990
74 Joseph Bettey The Suppression of the Religious Houses in Bristol 1990
75 Kenneth Morgan John Wesley and Bristol 1990
76 Elizabeth Ralph and Peter G. Cobb New Anglican Churches in Nineteenth Century Bristol 1991
77 Derek Winterbottom A Season’s Fame: how A.E.J. Collins of Clifton College in 1899 made Cricket’s Highest Individual Score 1991
78 Jeannie Shorey The Open Air Schools of Bristol 1913-1957 1992
79 Donald Jones Captain Woodes Rogers’ Voyage Round the World 1708-1711 1992
80 Clive Burgess The Parish Church and the Laity in Late Medieval Bristol 1992
81 Derek Winterbottom John Percival: the Great Educator 1993
82 Joseph Bettey Bristol Cathedral: the Rebuilding of the Nave 1994
83 Harold Nabb The Bristol Gas Light Company; the Breillat Dynasty of Engineers 1993
84 Pip Jones and Rita Youseph The Black Population of Bristol in the Eighteenth Century 1994
85 John Penny Luftwaffe Operations over Bristol 1940/44 1995
86 David Large   Bristol and the New Poor Law 1995
87 Mary Wright Elizabeth Blackwell of Bristol: the first woman doctor 1995
88 Joseph Bettey St. Augustine’s Abbey, Bristol 1996
89 Donald Jones Bristol’s Sugar Trade and Refining Industry 1996
90 John Penny The Air Defence of the Bristol Area 1937-44 1997
91 Patrick McGrath Bristol and America 1480-1631 1997
92 Joseph Bettey The Royal Fort and Tyndall’s Park: the Development of a Bristol Landscape 1997
93 Cyril Gibson The Bristol School Board 1871-1903 1997
94 James Dreaper Bristol’s Forgotten Victor: Lieutenant-General Sir William Draper K.B. (1721-1787) 1998
95 John Penny Bristol’s Civil Defence during World War Two 1998
96 Kenneth Morgan Edward Colston and Bristol 1999
97 John Penny Up, Up and Away! An account of ballooning in and around Bristol and Bath 1784 to 1999 1999
98 John Lyes ‘A Strong Smell of Brimstone’: the solicitors and attorneys of Bristol, 1740 to 1840 1999
99 M. J. Crossley Evans Hannah More 1999
100 M. J. Crossely Evans, Paul Elkin, Martin Forrest, Mike Jenner, David Large and Gerry Nichols Post War Bristol 1945-1965: Twenty Years that Changed the City
[A six chapter ‘centenary’ edition, 144pp.]
101 John Penny All the News that’s Fit to Print: A Short History of Bristol’s Newspapers since 1702 2001
102 John Penny On the Air: A Short History of Broadcasting in the Bristol Area 2001
103 Peter Fleming Women in Late Medieval Bristol 2001
104 John Lyes Bristol 1901-1913 2002
105 Cyril Gibson Bristol’s Merchants and the Great Western Railway 2002
106 Keith Ramsey The Bristol Coal Industry 2003
107 John Lyes Bristol 1914-19 2003
108 Joseph Bettey The First Historians of Bristol: William Barrett and Samuel Seyer 2003
109 John Lyes Bristol 1920-1926 2003
110 Peter Fleming Bristol Castle: a Political History 2004
111 John Lyes Bristol 1927-1933 2004
112 John Lyes Bristol 1934-1939 2004
113 Peter Fleming Bristol and the Wars of the Roses, 1451-1471 2005
114 Sue Hardiman The 1832 Cholera Epidemic and its Impact on the City of Bristol 2005
115 David Higgins The History of the Bristol Region in the Roman Period 2005
116 Gerry Nichols To Keep Open and Unenclosed’: The Management of Durdham Down since 1861 2005
117 John Lyes Bristol’s Courts of Law 2006
118 David Higgins The Bristol Region in the Sub-Roman and Early Anglo-Saxon Periods 2006
119 Gerry Nichols Clifton and Durdham Downs: A Place of Public Resort and Recreation 2006
120 David Higgins Saint Jordan of Bristol: From the Catacombs of Rome to College Green at Bristol 2007